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Boudreau Consulting LLC provides a variety of estate, financial and business planning services. The company's mission is to provide solutions that place more money in our client's pockets through sound strategic, financial & tax planning concepts. By accumulating a diverse background of professional talent, Boudreau Consulting provides assistance to individuals, small businesses and corporate clients.

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When do I start drawing Social Security?


Many Americans work with dreams of a comfortable retirement. We pay 6.2% of our wages into the Social Security system and our employers match another 6.2%. So when do we start reaping our rewards?

You can start receiving retirement benefits on your 62nd birthday. However, every year you delay your Social Security benefit payment, you will get an 8% increase in benefits up until age 70.

There are some questions you need to ask yourself and your financial and tax advisor. There are good arguments that support early receipt and good arguments that support waiting until age 70.


Recent Projects

Everyone's situation is unique - even if you are a business, it is about the individual employees and individual owners. Boudreau Consulting listens to your needs and values to help you develop a plan to put more money in your pocket. Our team of seasoned professionals can assist you with IRS issues, eliminating debt burdens, setting up a new business venture, effectively donating to charity, creating a financial legacy or saving for retirement. Just ask our clients.

Tax Preparation

Our firms prepares a variety of different individual and business tax returns – including over 250 Federal individual income tax returns in 2014 for clients in 17 different states and 4 different countries; over 140 business income tax returns (partnerships, S corporations, C corporations and trusts) and over a dozen non-profit returns. While we love to meet in person with everyone and gather your data, we use a secured portal to give you an option of transmitting sensitive personal information safely to save time.

Tax Planning

We helped a small, family-owned corporation declare a special dividend that will be taxed at a 15% qualified dividend rate in 2012. Had the corporation waited until 2013 to pay a dividend, the shareholders could potentially face an income rate of 20% or greater.

Compensation Planning

We worked with a closely-held small corporation to declare an end-of-year bonus to owner-employees that reduced the corporation tax rate from 35% to 15%, which saved the owners over $30,000 annually in income taxes.

Business Planning & Analysis

We worked with a health care partnership to reduce expenses that eventually led to the elimination of a $35,000 line of credit and assisted in the renegotiation of the building mortgage, computer lease and telephone lease that resulted in a 30% increase in the partner’s monthly draws.


We outsourced the accounting and finance operation of an 8-person small business and saved the company $11,000 annually.

Retirement Planning

We helped three companies in 2012 change the type of retirement plan the owners had in place that allowed the employees to put away more money from retirement, while reducing their personal tax burden, as well as the company’s tax liability.