Understanding and Reducing Microstress in Your Life


Stressors show up in our lives in all shapes and sizes, and while we often associate stress with major life events or overwhelming situations, there are certain type of stressors that are often overlooked.  Microstressors are the small and seemingly insignificant triggers that accumulate over time and slowly take a toll on our well-being. In fact, 91% of employees say that unmanageable and untreated stress negatively impacts the quality of their work.


Social Security Considerations


As the last of the Baby Boomer generation approaches the minimum age to receive Social Security benefits, here are some points to understand before deciding to begin benefits.

How do I get the most money from the system?

While you can begin taking Social Security at age 62, each year you delay your decision will result in an annual benefit about 8% higher each year until age 70.  Many retirees tend to hold off until the age of 70, when they receive the maximum benefit amount.